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Three Incredible Lighthouses You Should Visit in Maine

Every tourist plans to capture their moments while traveling. This case also applies when visiting Maine. There will be many beautiful places that could give precious memories. It is why you should hire a photographer there. You won’t feel overwhelmed when seeing the excellent destinations while worrying about taking photos. In this case, you might need to consider booking Catherine J. Gross Photography right away. If you want to see the portfolio, you could visit the website. Despite those issues, this article has summarized the three best lighthouses you must see in Maine. Therefore, you could determine which perfect lighthouse you should visit.

sequin island lighthouse

Old Stone Lighthouse

The lighthouse is still in use today, as it is maintained by the Coast Guard and contains a powerful beacon that can be seen from 15 miles away. In all, sixty lighthouses are dotting Maine’s rocky coastline. They begin with the southernmost Whaleback Light in Kittery and extend inland to the West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec. It is the easternmost lighthouse in the United States. Almost all of the lighthouses were built in the 19th century. Many are on the mainland and can be reached by car, but others are on offshore islands and can only be reached by boat. Eight of these Maine lighthouses are individually owned, such as the Tenants Harbor Light, which may belong to noted artist Jamie Wyeth.

Sequin Island Lighthouse

Crushed limestone became a popular building material because it was readily available in the state. The first lights on the Maine coast were powered by lavender oil and magnified with parabolic reflectors. This practice continued in many different forms until about 1822 when the Fresnel lens shifted the glasses to produce a much more powerful optical zoom. Besides, whale oil remained in use until the mid-to-late 1800s, when using uncontrolled coal oil and then kerosene from the gasoline source.

The Bug Lighthouse

Today, Fresnel lights are being phased out and replaced by more modern lighthouses. Only 84 lighthouses in the United States still use the Fresnel lens, and you could find those houses in Maine. If you want to see a Fresnel lens, the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, Maine is the place to be. With more than 60 lighthouses to choose from, it’s hard to decide where to go. When you consider that many are located on offshore islands, the choice becomes more effortless. This way allows you to capture many pictures with many spots. Therefore, you will have excellent memories to remember when visiting Maine next time.